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BIMvisible | Would anyone actually want to look through their ceilings?

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In short


Ingenium is all about life-cycle engineering. The firm advises, designs and optimises the construction qualities, energy supplies and technical installations of ambitious construction and renovation projects. All with the sake of our planet top of mind.

Our part
Ingenium had the breakthrough technology to see through ceilings with an AR app but needed help validating the product market fit. We brought in the experts, delivered the network and asked the right questions.

Ingenium had the technology, we brought the product market fit validation for their technics-changing BIMvisible app.

What if we could see the jumble of wires, tubes, junctions and hubs in a building, without breaking walls or ceilings? Would Facility Managers welcome this innovation with open arms or could they not care less? Ingenium had the technology, but not the market research. So they asked us for help with market validation.

The question

Big buildings ask for complex infrastructures and technical installations. Inside are thousands of wires, cables and tubes – all tangled into a massive technical network. Already using BIM (Building Information Modelling, a 3D model of the technical network) Ingenium started wondering: what if we could see this network through augmented reality? What if there was an app for that?

They partnered up with In The Pocket and Savaco and created the BIMvisible app: the app that helps Facility Managers save time and money by visualizing hidden technical installations using Augmented Reality.

Their question: how saleable is this? Is it more than a gimmick? And if so: how do we bring this to the market? Financial talks with KBC Bank & Insurances swiftly brought Ingenium in contact with Start it Ventures - their road to validation began.

The doing

Framing | Exploration | Validation | Execution

  • We drew the roadmap for validation.

We ran a three-day ‘business model innovation sprint’ where all the building blocks were pinpointed. Goals were set, meetings arranged and the entrepreneur in residence took co-ownership of the venture.

  • We matched them to an entrepreneur in residence.

Jan Moons filled the skills gap at Ingenium, necessary to validate their business. His experience in market research and VR helped Ingenium shift the focus from the technical aspect to the user experience and the valorisation of their product.

“Other than a consultant, the entrepreneur in residence brought us a strong commercially focussed profile – exactly what we needed to explore the market.”

Niels Vercaemst, project manager at Ingenium
  • We took them on a three-month validation track.

Based on an assessment of the maturity of the idea - the so-called maturity matrix - clear goals and the right focus were set. Biweekly meetings with our business coach Dirk Lievens gave Ingenium the helicopter view they were missing. We asked the right questions, looked for gaps and offered targeted coaching, Ingenium soon found out why and how the market was ready for their innovation.

  • We connected them with our network.

Our active search and matchmaking brought Ingenium to the perfect advice and partnerships. From the right connection in the gaming industry to fellow ventures looking for a good chat about innovation: the Start it network is the place to be.

The answer

YES. Pursue, go, lift-off.

All assumptions were tested and proven right or wrong. Yes, there is a market for this. No, some aspects of the app will not be necessary. And look: this app will be an asset in recruitment as well. Ingenium got all the answers they needed and more.

Geared with a clear view of product market fit, Ingenium will continue the roll-out of the BIMvisible app. Ready to break through ceilings.