Innovation traps

  • Little validation efforts
  • Little appetite for change and pivoting ideas
  • Distributed focus
  • Budget overspending
  • Nearsighted view
  • Innovation for innovation’s sake

Innovation done right

  • Fast product-to-market fit validation
  • Challenge ideas for quick pivots
  • Focus on outcome or death
  • What if there was (almost) no budget?
  • Direct access to largest network of innovators and entrepreneurs in Belgium
  • Focus on ROI

Our clients

Our clients are often larger corporations who recognize the importance of innovation, but struggle to find the right context for their most innovative employees to become intrapreneurs. In Start it Ventures, they have found a partner they can trust to create a balanced and effective context for innovation that benefits both the company and its employees.

Start it Ventures has a very strong network of entrepreneurs. They know how to execute corporate innovations and ventures.

Johan Thijs, CEO KBC Group

Although we have made some reference cases available on our website, most of them are available only upon request.

Innovation is of strategic importance and discretion is key.