Is this your situation?

  • Don’t know how to execute innovation?
  • Have an overload of ideas but not the right team to execute them?
  • Have a great team, a great idea, just need a bit of coaching to get started?
  • Looking to create the right environment and governance to build an innovation pipeline in-house?

Let's tackle those challenges, we are your partners in innovation execution!

Innovation and entrepreneurship are must-haves to drive growth and success.

Start it Ventures helps you navigate 3 common pitfalls that stop innovation projects in their tracks: insufficient market validation, fear of change, and lack of focus.

How do I make innovation happen?

Everything starts with the Scoping Session

Scoping Session

Gain clarity on your innovation journey with an expert-led scoping session that optimizes your work, resources, and potential for groundbreaking results.

Who is it for?

  • Organizations aiming to prioritize innovative ideas.
  • Teams needing innovation actions focus.
  • Leaders seeking clarity on innovation resources and budgets.
  • Entities evaluating technical and human aspects of innovation.
Scoping session

Talk innovation with Pieter

Pieter will help you asses your innovation stage and guide you through your next stepsClaim your free meeting

What our clients say

We support enterprises that want to radically accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship within their organisation.

What our clients say

“Make sure your people know why they get out of bed and work in the morning. The mission is everything.”

- Pieterjan Verhaeghen,co-founder of Bolt

"Start it X really helped us speed up the go-to-market for one of our innovative products.”

- Gerwin Damberg, CTO of Barco

“Start it Ventures has a very strong network of entrepreneurs. They know how to execute corporate innovations and ventures.”

- Johan Thijs, CEO of KBC Group

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