DO = The method. We take action. We find shortcuts.

Fact: Theorising about innovation is like dancing about architecture. (Fun for some, but not the main event, surely.)

We give people, teams and organisations access to networks, know-how and methods that create high-performance shortcuts so they can get on with with it
and make it happen.

Stuff = Whatever it takes to make you better at innovation & growth

Fact: Innovation & growth have many faces.

We’ve been given many different challenges by many different start ups, corporates, scale-ups and SME’s. We do what’s relevant to you.

Have a look at our products and services below.

At Start it X, we aim to actively enable entrepreneurial people in ‘building’ sustainable & innovative businesses by embedding them in our community of fellow entrepreneurs, mentors, experts, coaches, and offering a complete framework, tools, methodologies that makes us the most impactful accelerator in the world.

Why Start it X?

84% of executives agree that innovation is critical. But only 6% are satisfied with the performance.

Growth can be 3x slower for scale-ups who stick to traditional thinking & methods.

Why everyone is talking about innovation & growth …

By doing what it takes to make innovation & growth happen, we’ve built up experience, expertise and a network that includes:

  • +300 industries
  • +900 start-ups
  • +1600 entrepreneurs
  • over 200 experienced mentors (business owners, CEOs, investors) & corporate partners

What we are actually doing about it …

Start it Accelerate

Accelerate your growth and make a bigger impact

We’re here to help driven, business-minded founders grow their businesses and move beyond borders. Expand your network and your expertise to reach for your dreams.

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Start it Academy

Learn from real experts. Make a real difference.

Online video classes with hands-on guidance. Proven techniques for companies and entrepreneurs.

Start it Hubs

Work closer to inspiration

It matters where you work and who you work with.
Get a seat in our co-working spaces and become a member of the largest community of start-ups in Belgium.

Start it Ventures

Accelerate & validate innovation in corporations

Need your innovation to kick off, navigate challenging roadblocks and deliver sustainable growth?

Click into our innovation engine, which will make you think and - most crucial of all - act like a start-up, even in a corporate context.

We do what it takes

Start it X is a continuously growing and innovating collective of projects, services and products that make innovation & growth happen.

We are more than the sum of our parts, with every new project creating new opportunities and new partnerships along the way.

This is how we’re doing it:

I’m Corporate

Don’t let innovation be an afterthought. Plug into our Start it Ventures innovation engine, benefit from our massive expertise built by the biggest startup accelerator in Belgium and turn your most innovative employees into real intrapreneurs by submerging them into the entrepreneurial community of Start it Hubs and the hands-on training of Start it Academy.

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I’m a Scale-Up

Benefit from unparalleled access to real opportunities, thanks to our close-knit network including the biggest startup accelerator in Belgium and a highly respected corporate incubation programme. We work with C-level decision-makers all the time. We’ve already gained their trust in many ways, so an introduction by us is a high-performance shortcut to more control over your scaling process or the right investors at the right time.

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I’m a Start Up

Apply to the 100%-no-strings-attached-founder-centric Start it @KBC accelerator programme. We support courageous entrepreneurs in their passion, goals and business and literally give them a seat at the table in Start it Hubs, the largest startup community in Belgium, with several locations so you can always work closer to inspiration.

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