Idea exploration

Finding ideas worth to build

Based on your innovation areas, we explore problems to be solved and how to solve them. We do this, leveraging inspiration from our startup community, the network of experts and founders that has been nurtured through the years.

Are you in search of ideas? Or do you have napkin pitches ready for further exploration? During the exploration phase we support you and your team to find business opportunities fit with your strategy, and develop these into an investment pitch for your internal sponsors.

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  • Inspiration Safari
  • Team Canvas
  • Entrepreneurial Profiling
  • Business Model Sprint
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  • Opportunity Shortlist
  • Team Profile
  • Entrepreneurial Assessment Reporting
  • Investment Pitch
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  • Innovation Coach
  • Creative Entrepreneur

Inspiration safari

Idea generation does not always come easy. Without knowing it, we explore the solution space with our current thinking patterns and beliefs. Also, we might be stuck in thinking about what is not possible…

To boost the inspiration, we take your organisation on an Inspiration Safari. We jointly discuss the themes that have been identified in your innovation strategy and create a roadmap for inspiration. We compose a customised presentation and inspiration deck, and search for experts in the field to bring the latest and newest insights.

Based on this session, we explore and brainstorm to formulate idea cards to be pitched or further explored in the following formats (see next slides).

Idea Exploration

Business Model sprint

In four to five days, we take you on an lean startup rollercoaster, bringing lean innovation into practice.

During this sprint, we typically prepare venture teams for their three-to-six month validation track (see further). Together with a multidisciplinary team of experts, we coach and work on a new business idea, from problem statement to validation, from solution exploration to value proposition statement. The goal of this sprint is to infuse the venture team with sufficient knowledge and practice the basic skills required to build a “startup of their own”.

If possible, we organise this sprint together with other venture teams, so participants can share learnings and connect across companies and across businesses.


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