Finding business worth to grow

With your napkin pitch ready, we define a roadmap for growth: applying validation techniques to de-risk your future business idea, by building a team for the future… In brief, we help you execute for success.

You have defined your business idea? Now it is time to validate this idea. We assemble a strong team of experts to check the viability of this idea.

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  • Maturity Model
  • Concept Validation/Growth/Scale Track
  • Procurement as a service
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  • Roadmap for Growth
  • Validation
  • Business Model
  • Sales Machine
  • Operational Blueprint
  • Roadmap for Venturing
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  • Business Coach
  • Strategic Advisor
  • Expert-in-Residence
  • Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Venture & team maturity model

Building a successful new business requires the right team, with the right people focus.

Using our venture maturity model, we assess the current status of the business idea. It allows us to define the next steps of validation and growth, ensuring we adopt the appropriate focus the coming months.

Using our team maturity model, we assess the composition of your venture team, or we assess the readiness of your intrapreneurs.

These insights help us to build a team for success ànd the roadmap for growth.


Concept validation track

During this track, we explore whether or not it is worth digging deeper into a specific market or solution (PROBLEM VALIDATION). We dive into the problems, the customer pains and the market.

This way, we explore the future business models and the potential of the idea and come forward OR eliminate market models.

During this track, we focus on:

  • problem interviews
  • first validation checks (assumptions have been defined during the Business Model sprint)
  • expert challenges

The goal of this track is to arrive at a conclusion to either identify the solution we want to take forward or the options we better kill fast.

Concept Validation Track

Together we build innovation & entrepreneurship

With our unique approach, we go beyond the implementation of your new business idea.

  • We create intrapreneurs, so your future innovation endeavours benefit from your current efforts.
  • We implement an innovation process, validated by a proven methodology (executed by more than 1000 founders in Belgium)
  • We build great venture teams, with the support of our unique network of venture builders and entrepreneurs-in-residence
  • We ensure that the knowledge and IP rests with you - where the venture idea finds its originㄱWe help you to see the opportunities to become a first mover in the market (thanks to the access to our community)
  • We adopt a continuous loop of validation, de-risking your venture idea towards success

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