Bolt: Truly Green Energy Produced Locally

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Bolt observed that although many energy suppliers claim to provide 100% green electricity, the actual production of green energy in Belgium was limited. Consumers who intentionally chose green energy often did not get what they were promised. This ethical and societal issue demanded a transparent solution that truly guaranteed 100% green energy, unlike traditional energy suppliers whose offerings were often only green on paper.

Start it X Trajectory

Supported by the Start it X network, an ecosystem of over 2,500 highly specialized entrepreneurs, Bolt developed an innovative business model. Energy and business management experts utilized various methodologies such as the Value Proposition Canvas and the Business Model Canvas. They focused on testing critical assumptions and validating ideas through direct market interactions. The team interviewed potential customers for Bolt everywhere, even at local fairs.

Bolt benefited from the advice and expertise within the Start it X network, including specific coaches crucial for developing a sustainable and customer-focused business model. This also involved creating a complex financial model and a website that supported Bolt’s unique value proposition.

Bolt has developed a platform where consumers can directly purchase green energy from over 270 local producers. This approach, already common in the Netherlands, has now made its breakthrough in Belgium thanks to Bolt: customers are buying not just the 'label' of green energy, but the actual energy produced in a sustainable manner. This model promotes transparency and involvement in energy consumption.

Key Results

  • Bolt has significantly impacted consumer trust and the way energy is consumed by ensuring transparency and authenticity in their offerings.

  • Since its launch, Bolt has maintained a positive profit & loss account, positive liquidity, and an annual turnover exceeding 50 million euros.

  • With a growing number of more than 270 energy producers and over 60,000 customers, Bolt continues to expand and innovate its customer base, including testing new products and services that increase customer participation in local and communal energy projects.

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Bolt continuously innovates its products and services and consistently tests new approaches to both stimulate local energy use and engage customers in energy production.