Personalizing packing for ecommerce

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Our mission

Help Agfa find a market opportunity for a newly developed technology

Our role

  • Explore potential markets for a new technology
  • Define technology use case and business model
  • Guiding the creation of a venture
  • Provide entrepreneur-in-residence to complete and lead the team
  • Get the project investor ready


Start it Ventures played a guiding & strategic role for Agfa in finding a purpose for an innovative technology.

About the venture

Penny Black personalizes packing for ecommerce.

The traditional way of doing things

Usually, a box is made first and then filled. This way of working makes personalisation of the packing and accompanying flyers difficult.

Panny Black's way

Penny Black has developed an online platform that enables late-stage personalization by printing personal messages the moment the box is filled with the sold goods.

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Identification of a business opportunity

Agfa had developed a technology but did not know what purpose to give it. The first step that Start it Ventures took was to define the problems this cutting-edge technology could potentially solve. This resulted in the identification of a promising business opportunity.

Creation of a new venture

The business opportunity was turned into reality by creating an independent venture called Penny Black.