Saving male chicks

Soos ceo met kippenSoos ceo met kippenSoos ceo met kippenSoos ceo met kippen
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Our mission

Help an Israeli company to become active in the Benelux market

Our role

  • Prepare & introduce the scale-up to the Benelux market

  • Strengthen the team to go to this market

  • Matching them with relevant investors


Start it X played a supporting role by opening our industry network towards the scaleup.

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About the venture

Soos Technology is an Israelian biotechnology company that developed an incubation platform that mimics nature.

By controlling the environmental conditions in the incubator, male chicks develop as female layers that can lay eggs.

Saving chicks

Every year 7.5 billions of male chicks are exterminated immediately after hatching since they cannot lay eggs or be used for meat production.

Helping producers

Some countries, such as France and Germany, have already banned the practice of culling male chickens. SooS Technology helps producers to become compliant and improve productivity.

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Market research

The first step that Start it X took was sitting together with a sector expert and taking a deepdive in the sector, the market and the product of the scale up.

Series A fundraising

Start it X matched the scale-up with a sector expert. This was instrumental for the subsequent Series A round of financing.

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Onboarding a CEO

During this process, the match between the scale-up and the sector expert turned out to be a huge success. The expert was onboarded and is now the CEO Europe of SOOS Technology.

Start it X contributed greatly to setting up our EU operations.

Alon Gozlan - VP Business Development of Soos Technology

Launching on the Benelux market

We provided SooS with the talent and investor network they needed to become market ready for the Benelux market. This shortcut in network turned out to be a shortcut in time as well. SOOS Technologies now started pilot projects in the Benelux market.

How it Started

Soos Technologies was introduced to Start it X by our partner Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT).