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Start it Accelerate presents

Startups of Tomorrow

Innovative business based on SDG's to make a better world.

The Green Revolution

SDG 1 | Poverty

The Green Revolution (TGR), founded by Jorden D'hulster, converts coconut waste into sustainable transportation pallets, offering an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to wooden pallets.



SDG 2 | Sustainable agriculture

Minagro creates biobased co-formulants for agrochemicals, reducing hazards and environmental impact. With four patents, Minagro promotes sustainable agriculture for a global food system.



SDG 3 | Health & wellbeing

Airflora prevents childhood asthma by purifying indoor air, ensuring safe environments and promoting clean air as a fundamental right with sustainable, circular design.



SDG 4 | Quality education

Eduvik makes quality tutoring accessible and affordable by automating tasks, reducing costs, and increasing tutor earnings. Their platform bridges public education and private tutoring for cohesive learning.


Project Unbounded

SDG 5 | Gender equality

Project Unbounded promotes gender equality by creating inclusive, safe workplaces. They target corporate clients to implement solutions and develop innovative unisex workwear systems.


Clean Water Global

SDG 6 | Clean water & sanitation

Clean Water Global addresses water pollution from the coatings industry with innovative, user-friendly purification technologies to cleanse wastewater and protect water resources.


Alari Technologies

SDG 7 | Clean & affordable energy

Alari Technologies offers intelligent software solutions to optimize solar energy production during peak demand and extend solar hardware lifespan.


The Cornerstone

SDG 8 | Decent work & economic growth

The Cornerstone drives social sustainability and corporate responsibility with data-driven insights, helping businesses enhance their impact on employees, communities, and overall sustainability.



SDG 9 | Industry, innovation, infrastructure

Powernaut helps energy suppliers reduce grid maintenance costs by managing smart home devices, aiding grid balancing and stability.


Sanza Cycle

SDG 10 | Reduce inequality

Sanza Cycle enhances productivity by aligning work with women's biological cycles, reducing burnout and improving performance.



SDG 11 | Sustainable communities/cities

Parkeet develops battery-powered sensors and a software platform to improve parking efficiency, providing valuable data to drivers, policymakers, and operators to streamline parking and reduce search traffic.



SDG 12 | Responsible consumption/production

BuddyRise offers a community-driven platform for individuals with autoimmune diseases, featuring chat groups, reliable articles, tips, and a BuddyMatching feature.



SDG 13 | Climate action (CO2 reduction)

RESULTX's AI-driven platform automates ESG reporting, streamlining data collection and analysis. It connects stakeholders, matches data with ESRS topics, and provides sector-specific insights for informed ESG strategy decisions.



SDG 14 | Life in water

Sealution revolutionizes maritime operations with IoT connectivity below deck, enabling real-time data collection for predictive maintenance, reduced emissions, and improved vessel efficiency.



SDG 15 | Life on land (biodiversity, population etc.)

(on)kruid enhances biodiversity by sustainably farming indigenous herbs and flowers. This approach restores ecosystems, promotes wildlife habitats, and ensures sustainable land use.



SDG 16 | Peace, justice & strong institutions

TruCrowd uses facial biometrics to replace physical tickets, providing seamless, secure event access and reducing environmental waste. This technology enhances security by ensuring only verified individuals enter events.



SDG 17 | Partnerships for the goals

kofVIE parters up with companies to upcycle used coffee grounds into products like soaps, candles, interior objects, and fertilizer, fostering collaboration and sustainable practices.


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Love Tomorrow

Start it X is partnering up with the Love Tomorrow on the 25th of July, on the Magical Grounds of Tomorrowland. Click the event to find out what we are offering you!

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