Entrepreneurship10 March 20202 min

5 tips by Accenture to get to the top

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Innovation is in the DNA of Start it @KBC. A boundless passion for exploring new technologies, possibilities and business models is what defines us and our startup community. It is thanks to strong and durable partners like consulting agency Accenture, that we are able to give our startups access to top innovation experts and tech professionals. We asked Accenture to share their most vital business advice, which resulted in these 5 tips!

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Tip 1: one plus one is more than two

‘Unity makes strength’ is what they say in Belgium, and there’s no reason why this shouldn’t apply in the startup world. When young businesses with a similar value proposition join forces, the result can be groundbreaking. Look for partners to share your adventure with, and you may discover the power of a joined go-to-market.

Tip 2: monetise your data pile

Data ownership and data monetisation are two very different things. Your customers’ data is extremely valuable and it’s important that you ask yourself: which data do I want, which data do I really need, and which data can be interesting for other parties? Look beyond your own value proposition to see in which other ecosystems or industries your data can be used.

Tip 3: Don’t miss the wave of sustainability.

The age of digital transformation has passed and made way for sustainable transformation. Sustainable development goals have become a top priority for small businesses and large corporates, in any type of industry. Make sure you think about your own societal and environmental impact, and grab the opportunity to facilitate sustainable transformation to other companies.

Tip 4: Corporates aren’t big dinosaurs.

We tend to see large corporates as being bureaucratic, difficult to enter and having extremely long process cycles. But here’s the good news: you’d be surprised how dynamic and interesting they actually are. Corporates have the know-how and the network you can benefit from, so it’s always a good idea to include a corporate profile in your process, especially at an early stage. These profiles will tell you whether you’re going in the right direction or not and can help you validate your USP and capabilities.

Tip 5: Thrive a responsible business.

When developing your solution, you may face prejudice and biases from the outside world. Make sure to get them out of the way, by bringing real transparency to your business outcomes. If you succeed, this could be a key differentiator.