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Bring your creative vision to life in the city of fashion

Start it Fashion is a program designed to launch pre-startups, advanced startups and scale-ups navigate the fashion industry.

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The power of Start it Fashion

Take from our Alumni

I've never grown so much as I have in this last year in the first fashion accelerator program. It was amazing to see all the interest and support from the community in what we have achieved, and who we have become!

Shayli Harrison - MUTANI

Start it Fashion provided not just business guidance and support, but a hashtag#network of like-minded individuals who understand the wild ride of entrepreneurship.

Sara Kovic - OKRET

Why apply?

Expand your network, business, skills, and market reach with personalized coaching and bootstrapping support, all with no strings attached.

Navigate the fashion industry

Discover the innovation surrounding creative businesses in Antwerp.

4 fashion training days

Hands-on exercise with one or more experts on 4 different topics:Trendsetting in Fashion, Marketing strategy & personal branding, Pitching for fashion Circularity & SDG’s

3 expert talk days

3 times during the year, gain the opportunity of one-on-one sessions with 8 different experts in Flanders DC, accountancy, storytelling, and growth and sales, etc

Inspiring workspace

Quality mentorship

A unique one-year program, navigating the fashion industry:

  • 43 hours of personalised coaching, spread across 12 months (16 more than the standard program)
  • 6 workshops specifically focused on fashion & creation on top of regular training offer
  • Networking evenings exclusively focused on fashion startups, organised by the City of Antwerp & Start it @KBC
  • A fashion SIG (Special Interest Group) focusing on themes such as hardware development, sustainability & SAAS platforms

Fashion in Antwerp

A specialised program added on top of the existing Start it @KBC accelerator program, tailored to the specific needs of fashion startups.

Powered by the City of Antwerp

Application process


29th January

Discover how to accelerate your fashion business. Get your questions answered by experts and our program manager.

Application Deadline

13th February | 23h59

Applications are closed!

Start your 1-year journey

13th March

After the selection and pitch days, we start your journey with a 2-days Bootcamp

Full one-year program

01 | BootcampAn innovative two-day bootcamp, followed by an additional day with a specific focus on Fashion.
02 | Accelerate3 months of challenging acceleration, including introductions to experts and mentors.
03 | Progress BoardUpdate the jury boardroom on your status and hurdles, and receive feedback and hands-on advice.
04 | GrowAt the 9-month mark, you'll work on network expanding and continuing business growth, while receiving further feedback.
05 | Expert panelGive the expert Boardroom an in-depth update on your progress around one specific challenge.
06 | MatureBuild plans & navigate challenges. With the healp of our Academy sessions you'll master advanced business skills.
07 | WorkshopsBe part of 4 Fashion academy days. Join the Expert talks (one-on-one expert meetings). And share your current challenges with experts to get more feedback.
08 | GraduateAfter 12 months, spread your wings and fly out. Become a community member for life

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