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F*ck Failure, Embrace Experimenting

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In the startup world, the concept of Fuckup Nights is on the rise: a space where entrepreneurs share their biggest failures in a kind of mini-TED-talk.

Lode Uytterschaut, founder and CEO of Start it, encourages entrepreneurs to remember the deep impact failure can have, and to rethink failure and success:

"While FuckupNights offer a platform to share fail stories, we must remember the real stakes - not just for entrepreneurs but for their families and close ones too. It's not about celebrating failure, but about learning and experimenting wisely. After all, entrepreneurship is more than just succeeding or failing; it's about gradually navigating your path with the appropriate guidance at every level—business, personal, and psychological. Entrepreneurs, be creative and keep your close ones closer."

Lode Uytterschaut, founder and CEO of Start it

Key takeaways from Lode:

- Keep your loved ones informed, involved, and acknowledged.

- Embrace the process of learning through small, manageable tests to discover what truly resonates with the market.

- Foster a culture of creativity from a young age to build resilience against the fear of failure.

- Entrepreneurship is not just about the end result but about navigating each step with the right support, creatively and together.

Read the full article here in Dutch or here in French.