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How to run a sustainable company: 4 tips by Edmire

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Just how sustainable is your company, product or service? We asked Vincent of Edmire what it takes to be an ‘ecopreneurial’ startup and reduce the environmental impact of your company. His answer? These 4 tips!

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Tip #1: Look at the total product lifecycle

Look at the big picture. In other words: consider the full lifecycle of your product or service. Think about the resources and the energy sources your startup will need during that entire cycle. Ask yourself: what is your direct and indirect impact on the environment? Edmire developed a tool to define this impact: the circular brainstorming tool.

Tip #2: Make sustainability a common value

Sustainability deserves a key position in your company. Edmire developed the sustainable values tool, which you can use before or during the design process. This tool allows you to determine what sustainability means for your company and it serves as a compass to ensure you make the right, sustainable decisions.

Tip #3: Sustainable customer interaction

Don’t underestimate sustainable interaction with your customers. Your brand creates a certain perception with your consumer, when it comes to sustainability. Try to map those customer values. They are important steps in your company’s sustainable customer journey.

Tip #4: Rate your impact

Your impact can be evaluated on three different levels: society, economy and the environment. The Edmire impact matrix enables your company to take a closer look at these levels and map your positive and negative impact. The next step should obviously be to grow your positive impact and reduce your negative impact, by choosing sustainable alternatives.