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#StartitSavvy: transforming our user experience with UXpro

Startit nov startitsavvy UX websiteStartit nov startitsavvy UX websiteStartit nov startitsavvy UX websiteStartit nov startitsavvy UX website
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When embarking on a website redesign, taking a good hard look at your user experience is an essential starting point. Start it @KBC partnered up with UXpro to assess our user experience and help us pave the way to improving it. Our business coach and community manager Tom Staelens and UXpro cofounder and business development director Gunther Geelen share the story of this successful collaboration:

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The mission: optimize our UX

Start it @KBC joined forces with UXpro to thoroughly analyze and test our website with an eye to improving the user experience by optimizing both attractiveness and conversion. “We looked at who is using the website as well as the most important KPIs regarding its use,” explains Gunther. “Then we identified the points for improvement needed to get the most out of this website in terms of user experience.”

Tom tells us it was a successful collaboration, and that he found UXpro’s examination of Start it @KBC’s website to be very thorough and extensive: “Within a week or two we received an extensive analysis including both short-term and long-term action points,” he says. UXpro conducted an audit with the Start it @KBC team based on which they came with various recommendations, including setting up quick wins. “We discussed these recommendations together with the Start it @KBC team and then the team went on to implement them with our support,” says Gunther. “The operation went very smoothly using a lean approach.”

Concrete advice for real results

UXpro then followed up with a process to further test and confirm the improvements we made with our target groups. “The challenge of this project was getting a good picture of who the users of this website are, in order to take the right approach with the audit,” reflects Gunther. Tom appreciated getting confirmation of the team’s impressions together with concrete recommendations. “It was great to get specific recommendations tailored to our organization,” he says. “Most reviews focus on everything that’s wrong, with maybe some vague guidelines or options on how to fix them. UXpro gave us detailed suggestions adapted to our context that we could put to work immediately.”

The foundation for a great site

It’s still going to take a little time, but soon enough the work the teams did together is going to change the face of the Start it @KBC website. “Due to recent developments we’ve only been able to apply certain changes,” Tom says. “Most of the implementation is scheduled for the beginning of next year, when we give our website a complete redesign. This expert review helps form a foundation we can build on, and will also help us guide designers and developers into the future.”

UXpro on the other hand appreciates working with a partner that manages other startup and scale-ups. “That makes it important for Start it @KBC to gain this expertise, so they can communicate to their startups why UX is so crucial,” says Gunther. UXpro looks forward to partnering with Start it @KBC to show the value of their expertise to entrepreneurs. Gunther adds, “A project like this audit of the Start it @KBC website is a great example of the importance of UX in the development of a website that really acts as an effective showcase for a startup or scale-up.”