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Startup Stories: August

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Summer’s in the city, so it’s perfectly possible that you missed a thing or two from our startups over the last few weeks. But don’t worry: we’ve got a collection of startup stories lined up for you right here. Check out the funding tips by Salesflare, network like a pro with Conversation Starter, learn to manage remote employees thanks to Frizby and find out more about the practical POM invoice software. Enjoy!

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How to fire up your funding

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No matter how good your business idea is and how ambitious you are, as a startup you still need cash to get your business on the rails. And here’s the thing with startup funding: it will not exactly land in your lap. So how do you get it? Salesflare has some great tips for startups, on how and where to get funding. Read the full article on their blog.

Boost your networking skills with Conversation Starter

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Imagine being at a conference that’s packed with interesting people and potential customers. The big question is: how do you find them and start a conversation? Wel, that’s where Conversation Starter comes in. The online platform facilitates matchmaking between event attendees, so that everyone can easily find the people they want to meet and start a conversation. In a new blog post, Conversation Starter introduces four new features of the platform. Read more here.

Tips for managing remote employees

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Working remotely often offers many advantages for both employee and employer, and it’s becoming more and more popular. But with this trend comes a new challenge for managers: how do you keep the distance to your remote workers close and how can you supervise their work effectively? Frizby found the answers and shared them on their blog.

Syneton & POM partner up for easy invoice payments

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The invoice software platform POM has set up a collaboration with Syneton, a company that develops admin business tools. Users of Syneton are now able to add a POM button to their digital invoices or a QR code on paper, for smart and easy automatic payments. Read the full story here.