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We hope everyone is enjoying their summer to the max, whether they braved an airplane or are amusing themselves at home. Our startups are making sure this is their season to get ahead, whether it’s by raising money in the middle of a crisis (PlugInvest), venturing into corporate funding (Daltix), creating win-wins for everyone (Winwinner), helping you get your ear-friendly party on (Loop), or planning accessible adventures (My Add On). Live it up!

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PlugInvest rakes in capital in tough times

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Raising funds in the middle of the corona crisis may seem daunting, but PlugInvest has shown us it can be done. The young scale-up specialised in charging infrastructure for electric cars has brought in 350,000 euro to solidify its position in the growing electric car market. PlugInvest will use the investment to build partnerships with car dealers, leasing companies and real estate developers. Perhaps even with our partner Accenture?

Ask Daltix why corporate venturing is a good idea

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Data analytics startup Daltix recently announced that Belgian retailer Colruyt Group had acquired a majority stake in the company as part of their new customer strategy. This kind of corporate venturing isn’t standard for startups, so what made Daltix decide to take this less common route? Daltix posted one of our #WisdomWednesday blogs on their site to help you figure out what factors could make corporate venturing something for your startup to pursue.

Winwinner explains how everyone wins even more

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To give a boost to Flemish companies, the Flemish government has adjusted the conditions for “win-win loans” to make it even more attractive for individuals to invest in SMEs via fiscally advantageous lending. Winwinner explains how everybody wins when startups can borrow more, including higher ceilings for both individual loans and total investments as well as more flexible loan terms.

Enjoy summer on full blast with Loop

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One silver lining of missing out on Tomorrowland may be preserving our eardrums for one more year. Still, even blasting our favourite tunes through our headphones at home can damage our ears and eventually lead to tinnitus, which is definitely a party pooper. Loop has got you covered: the maker of custom-fit ear plugs explains how to rock on while avoiding ringing ears.

Corona-proof staycations by My Add On

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Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard all about staycations by now, right? But My Add On has picked out some real gems to visit in good old Belgium, featuring everything from Japanese gardens to exotic animals. Not only are these destinations safer corona-wise, they’re also wheelchair-friendly! Pick up one of My Add On’s corona survival kits and you’ll be good to go!

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