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We still have a while to go before we can cross the finish line on this pandemic winter, but our startups are full of good advice to get you through it. Whether they’re helping you avoid cyber scams (BEEGO), build up your self-esteem (Bloomup), engage your employees (Meet Roger), make it your year to get healthy (OKONO), or stay sane with the rugrats at home (Loop), these startups are gearing up for brighter days. We got this!

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Stay cyber safe thanks to BEEGO

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The digital world is becoming more and more woven into our daily lives: brick and mortar stores are turning into webshops, banks are turning into apps and even your grandmother is on Instagram. But there’s still a lot of uncertainty about what’s safe and what’s not. Is that email real or is it written by cyber criminals? Is it safe to click on this link? To help everyone navigate the digital world, we need to be able to recognise fake messages, websites, and more. Our friends at BEEGO have put together an overview of what to watch out for here.

Shore up your self-esteem with Bloomup

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A healthy sense of self is important to gain insights, build your motivation and give you some inner peace. For a lot of us, it’s a long journey to discover who we really are. At the same time, there are more blogs, books and websites than ever to help us get in touch with our true selves and boost our self-esteem. So where do we start? The mental health warriors at Bloomup are sharing a handy list of their favourite no-nonsense self-help books here.

Meet Roger on stepping up your internal communications

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With most office employees working from home these days, internal communicators have to go the extra mile to connect and engage employees and create a company culture. The truth is, if your 2021 internal communication strategy looks like every other year, it will fail. So what can we do to step up our internal communication game and instil purpose in this disrupted landscape? The corporate communications experts at Meet Roger are happy to share their insights here.

New year, new you with tips from OKONO

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Still keeping up with your new year’s resolutions, or are you reading this on the sofa with a bag of crisps? While most of us are full of motivation after the holidays, we tend to end up falling back into the same old habits. But we don’t have to accept defeat! The keto masters at OKONO are guiding us on how to make a fresh start the right way. Read their advice for making your resolutions stick here.

Loop helps you drown out the noise

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We may not be going to loud concerts anymore, but that doesn’t mean life is quiet. Corona has many of us cooped up inside juggling work and parenting, and sensory overload is a real problem for a lot of mums and dads. Some may feel guilty about admitting how stressed and irritable they feel, which is why Loop has shared this testimony by a guest blogger about sensory overwhelm with kids, and how earplugs help her get through an intense day. Check it out here!

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