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Startup Stories July

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There were many startup stories fighting for your attention this month! But don’t worry, we’ve made a fine selection for you, ranging from the need for transparency in real estate (Rockestate) and the latest trends in event management (Botwiser), to triggers for your mobile app (askOLI) and trainings for job-seekers (TEO). Enjoy!

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Transparency in the real estate market

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Unlike in other European countries such as France, the Netherlands or the UK, the real estate market in Belgium lacks price transparency. An open data portal with information about all residential real estate transactions would benefit the Belgian real estate market, says Rockestate. Find out more on their blog.

Event trends in the digital age

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“Un-theme” is the newest trend on the event scene. Instead of focusing on one theme, like a specific time period or a fantasy world, events now turn towards focusing on a feeling or emotion. This could for example be love, unity or hope. Thanks to this switch event organisers can attract a wider audience. Want to know more about the other trends? Discover them in this blog post by Botwiser.

The key to success? Provide a trigger.

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How do you get people to use your app on a daily basis? The answer is simple: provide a trigger and a reward. But what exactly is a trigger and how do you offer it to your audience? AskOli has the answers, discover them here.

Say yes to education!

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Too many job vacancies, is that even possible? It sure is! But teaching platform TEO is here to save the day. According to TEO, education is the solution. With the right training, job-seekers can develop the required skills and employees can improve the impact of their job descriptions. The result? No more mismatches between the job offers and the job market!