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Startup Stories March

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We’re starting to see the first hints of spring, and our startups are blossoming. Whether they’re showing how women get it done (My Add On & WHOOwine), predicting the future of flexible workplaces (Zapfloor), creating real change on virtual platforms (Citizenlab) or battling for the title of Tech Startup of the Year (MyNeo, BizzControl, Cybernetic Walrus, Inmanta, Phished & TEO), these startups are ready for the season of new beginnings.

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What women (entrepreneurs) really need according to MyAddOn & WHOOwine

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Why aren’t there more women entrepreneurs, especially in tech? What talents do women entrepreneurs bring to the table and how can we support them? These are some of the questions that were answered when we handed the mic to two female founders, Marie Van den Broeck of My Add On and Lucia Buysschaert of WHOOwine. Listen to what they have to say about what makes them get every morning in this video marking International Women’s Day.

Peek into Zapfloor’s crystal ball of flexible workplace trends

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Zapfloor has developed a yearly habit of making predictions on flexible workplace trends, based on their work creating workspace management solutions around the world. Of course 2020 blew up everyone’s predictions and presented a fair share of twists and challenges to overcome. The good news is this makes us more resilient. Read what the guys at Zapfloor have to say about what they see in their crystal ball for the workplace of the future on their blog.

CitizenLab shows how virtual engagement creates real change

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Just because we are staying apart doesn’t mean we can’t create change together. Citizen engagement platform CitizenLab find themselves consistently impressed by the types of projects launched on their platform. They’re spotlighting some of the innovative ways governments and organisations around the world are activating and engaging their communities virtually. Check out these amazing examples in their monthly inspiration blog.

And the winner of the Computable Award is…one of our startups?

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Who is the best Belgian tech startup of the year? We’ll get the verdict from ICT news platform Computable when they hold their Tech Startup of the Year awards (virtually) on March 31st and April 1st. Six of the 10 finalists are our startups :MyNeo, BizzControl ,Cybernetic Walrus, Inmanta, Phished and TEO. They will compete for the prize during digital pitch battles. May the odds be ever in your favour guys: of course you are all winners to us!

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