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Startup Stories October

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This autumn startups are moving, shaking, and taking over. Whether they’re revolutionising the food supply chain (Settlemint), acquiring ingenious new products (MyAddOn), taking civic participation online (CitizenLab) or arming schools against cyberattacks (Phished), these entrepreneurs are paving the way for a bright future. Go get ‘em tigers!

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Blockchain & food supply chain management: for Settlemint they go hand in hand!

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If you ask Settlemint, food supply chain management (FSCM) is an industry made for blockchain. It’s a great moment for food suppliers to step in now that big players have put in the money and set the stage. Harnessing today’s blockchain tech can help food suppliers become more competitive and sustainable. Check out all the reasons to hop on the blockchain bandwagon on Settlemint’s blog.

My Add On is taking over Dek-a-Bed!

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Jonas Detavernier of Dek-a-bed was inspired to reach out to Marie Van den Broek of My Add On after hearing her speak on Techmag (Magali De Reu’s YouTube show which Start it @KBC also sponsors, by the way!). Though he was impressed by her vision, he probably didn’t suspect that he would end up selling her his company! Get the full story on why the buyout is a win-win for two people with bright ideas here.

Online workshops for cities: CitizenLab gives you the tools

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In these times of social distancing, everyone, including municipalities, have started experimenting with online workshops. Not only are they an ideal solution when we can’t get together physically, there are also other benefits: you can appeal to a wide audience, you don’t need to organise a physical location, and it’s easier for busy people to squeeze you into their schedule. CitizenLab shares three tips for taking civic engagement online in their blog

Phished helps education arm itself against cyber attacks

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Educational institutions don’t have the same resources as private companies, but they’re still prime targets for hackers. In the wake of a mass online transition due to corona, cyberattacks on schools went up 24 percent over the last year! So what makes them so interesting to hackers, and what can they do to protect themselves? Phished lines up all the facts in a recent blog post.

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