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Startups that have our backs in the time of corona

Startit april blog startupsagainstcorona website1Startit april blog startupsagainstcorona website1Startit april blog startupsagainstcorona website1Startit april blog startupsagainstcorona website1
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Keeping us connected

Beego is offering FREE remote support for all IT related problems and questions. Their students are working from home to help avoid people in quarantine from getting isolated.

DD Soft is enabling communication between care organisations and their staff and clients, helping them digitally communicate with each other. Let’s stay connected!

Keeping us informed

Bothive has created a chatbot to help companies get answers on corona related issues (in Dutch). Don’t be shy, chat with the coronabot!

Bingli has launched a module for pre-triage for COVID-19, answering people’s questions so they know whether they need to contact a doctor or not, helping out overloaded doctors and hospitals. Give it a go!

Buffl has put their solutions for innovation and validation to work to help companies conduct quick surveys around corona perception among other things. They’ve also made it possible for their users to give their tokens to the COVID community response fund!

Play it Safe is using their game-based learning platform to offer a FREE corona prevention game to teach us how to contain the virus. Play this fun game today to keep safe! is helping corona battling initiatives such as create manuals free of charge. Comprehensive info is compiled and shared in minutes.

Keeping us well

6Wolves has started a free platform offering live workouts to keep us exercising throughout the corona crisis, helping us tone up and stay sane during lockdown!

Moonbird is getting us through these stressful times by organising free livestreams with experts on mental well-being. Check it out every weekday at 6 p.m.!

Keeping us fed

Mealhero is making sure you don’t eat cereal every day for dinner during lockdown. They’re saving the day with frozen fresh meal kits you can heat up with their smart steamer, so you can get dinner on the table without braving that supermarket line.

Keeping us employed

JuuNoo gets that the lockdown has a lot of us out of work this season. So they got together with Bulik Standbouw to launch where companies and underemployed workers can find each other. Need a new gig? Check it out!

DinnerGift has joined forces with Growforce, & Parlangi to open up the DinnerGift platform for hospitality businesses who want to sell gift vouchers. This helps restaurants get their cashflow in and survive the lockdown. Let’s help keep our favourite spots in business!

COSH! makes conscious shopping easy. They are helping keep retail business going by supporting their customers and prospects free of charge during corona. Start virtual shopping here!

Keeping us educated

Karaton is offering a 35% discount on the yearly license for their educational games, to keep your kids learning with fun reading and writing exercises supported by professionals. Use the promotional code "KARATON2020" on this link to start learning!

Phished will help you use your lockdown time to get cyber attack savvy. Criminals are taking advantage of corona fears to get your private data through sophisticated scams. Don’t let them fool you! Try it out with 25 of your colleagues here

Salesflare can tell you how to keep your business going by learning how to do sales from your living room. Check out their guide packed with tips and advice on remote sales!

Keeping us in it together

Soulcenter has launched a website collecting all the initiatives to help people living in residential care centres get through this time without visitors or outside activities. Check it out!

Give a Day helps organise demands and offers for help and match them up so that no one is left behind. They’re offering their corona help platform for free to all organisations and cities. Together we’ve got this!

WeTasker is deploying their “Taskers” to deliver groceries safely to your home. Stuck in quarantine and can’t go food shopping? Click here

Trooper is making it easy for you to donate to local clubs and youth associations while you do your shopping online. Start trooping today!

Eventication is the leading platform for event organisers, and they are making themselves available FREE of charge to hospitals, cities and municipalities. They will help find volunteers to help the vulnerable during these tough times. Contact them at to join forces!

Helpper connects neighbours who need or want to offer help in a secure way. They are also offering their platform FREE to all volunteers and people needing help.

Hoplr is also there to help you be a good neighbour. Want to know what you can do to help out in your community? Or are you isolated at home and need a little help? Connect with your community here.

With friends like these, corona can’t get us down! Stay tuned for more news on how startup energy is going to get us through this crisis.