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#Wisdomwednesday: 6 ways to boost your team’s wellbeing

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Startup founders are typically full of passion and drive. That’s also where the danger lies: founders often go over their limits to their own detriment. We’ve already explained here why investing in wellbeing is important, but where should you start? This #WednesdayWisdom we’re reflecting on our wellbeing research with Mensura to go over ways that founders can boost physical and mental wellbeing.

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Start with a wellness policy

Wellbeing can’t just be squeezed into spare moments: you really have to make time for it. These days lots of big companies are hiring their own Chief Happiness Officers, but scrappy startups normally don’t have the budgets for dedicated wellbeing staff. No worries, this isn’t essential to building a solid wellbeing strategy. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for creating a wellbeing program, rather everyone has to find the strategies for balance and wellbeing that fit their company culture. The important thing is to walk the walk and make sure it creates measurable results in the form of KPIs like health, productivity and employee satisfaction.

Stand up for your sleep

Not literally of course: we’ve found that sleeping is best done while lying down. But all jokes aside, catching enough z’s is serious business. Our research with Mensura showed that more than half of startup founders have trouble sleeping at least a few times a month. As our startup Sleepability has explained, good sleep is the foundation of success and wellbeing in all areas of life. Some may say that you should hustle 24/7, but long-term you risk burning your team out. If you’re having trouble unwinding and getting a good night’s rest, the Sleepability Challenge can help turn things around within 30 days!

Move, breathe, and eat healthy

We can’t talk about wellbeing without covering the other big pillars of wellbeing: exercise, breathing exercises and proper nutrition. Going for a run or eating a salad not only keeps you fit and trim, they can also make you happier and less stressed. Willem Romanus, co-founder of physical therapy startup 6Wolves explains in this video why he walks and bikes to stave off stress and stay focused at work. And if stress is keeping you up at night,Moonbird has the answer with their handheld tool for personalised breathing exercises to get you relaxed and snoring your way to better health.

Take a step back

While it may seem like startup success is about living and breathing your work, shifting gears regularly and keeping a good work/life balance can do wonders for your wellbeing (and ultimately your success). That means making time for other important things or people in your life: your passions or hobbies, family and friends. This has the added benefit of shifting your perspective, helping you tackle problems from another angle and boosting your creativity and ingenuity. All great things if you’re in the innovation business!

Lean on each other

What’s a startup community for, if not to strengthen and support each other? As co-founder and CEO of skincare technology startup S-Biomedic, Veronika Oudova explains in this video, talking about issues and problems with each other can do a lot to alleviate stress and boost mental wellbeing. Nobody gets it like your fellow startup founders! That’s why Start it @KBC founded its Wellbeing Academy to improve the health of founders and their teams. Check out our wellbeing page for more info and resources and stay tuned for upcoming courses on healthy habits and stress management!

Set a good example

According to conventional work wisdom, a good boss should be the first one in the office in the morning and the last one out at night. We have to disagree. Company leaders set the tone for the wellbeing of their entire team. Encouraging your employees to maintain work-life balance by doing the same sets the right example and contributes to their health and happiness. Trusting your team to manage their own time also puts more emphasis on productivity rather than looking busy, and helps keep everyone happier and more engaged.

Ready to work on making wellbeing a priority at your startup? All the more reason to apply for the next pitch wave at Start it @KBC.