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Dream at full steam: How an accelerator can boost your startup

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Are you trying to get a startup going? Joining an accelerator might be just what you need to get on the right track and grow your business faster. Not only can you gain key skills and support, you gain a huge network to tap for partnerships and expertise. With the deadline for our newest wave coming up, we thought it would be a good moment to line up all the ways an accelerator can give your startup a boost:

Sharpen your skills

Entrepreneurs aren’t born: they are made. From business development to sales and marketing, there are so many aspects involved in growing a business. Nobody can master it all from the start, which is why it’s so important to get the support from experts who have been down the same road. Business coaches track your growth, provide a sounding board and help you adjust your strategy along the way. At Start it @KBC, part of Start it Accelerate, coaches match you to volunteer mentors and partners and guide you to learning and promotional opportunities that are most relevant to your business.

Being paired with the right mentors helps uncover any blind spots and lead you to new insights about your business plan, target market and growth strategies. Armed with experience in their sector or field of expertise, mentors challenge you to rethink your assumptions and translate your ideas into action. For even more concrete advice, there are also workshops, or in our case, Academy sessions. These hands-on sessions are jam-packed with know-how from real experts as well as proven techniques for entrepreneurs to put into practice.

Reach your goals faster

Startup success isn’t only about coming up with innovative ideas or even being the best: how fast you get there also counts. Keeping up momentum to get your product or service on the market sooner can help make or break a young company. The title “accelerator” says it all: accelerators help you reach your goals faster. This applies to startups who have barely put together their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) as well as to those who are ramping up into the scale-up phase.

How do accelerators get your dream going full steam? To start with, they usually have a large network. You get connected to partners, mentors and coaches as well as other startups to learn from and inspire you. Internationalisation is also a key way accelerators help you grow. Belgium makes a great test market, but to really scale up it’s often a must to move beyond borders. Thanks to Start it Accelerate’s international partners, our hubs in New York and Budapest as well as our GAN membership, there are boundless possibilities for growth.

Contribute to a better world

Our advice: take the time to find an accelerator that really suits your startup. It can be a real journey. Certainly because more and more startups are looking to make an active contribution to shaping a better world with their innovative product or service. Companies like Dripl, who are on a mission to help people enjoy a healthy product without wasteful packaging, or like Track Abilities who put well-being at the heart of healthcare.

When it’s about more than making money, you want to make sure that an accelerator aligns with your values. Startups like Dressr who place importance on principles like diversity and inclusion want to know that an accelerator practices what they preach. It’s also important to read the fine print and know what is expected in return. Start it @KBC is a rare no-strings-attached accelerator: we don’t expect money, equity or privileges. All we ask is motivation and engagement from entrepreneurs who want to make a positive impact on the world.

Whether you’re just hatching your idea or are well on your way to scaling up, Start it @KBC can help put your growth on the fast-track. Come and be a part of Belgium’s largest startup ecosystem. Apply for the autumn cohort before September 19th!