Questions we’ve been asked.

Yes, but only upon request and upon approval of the client that is being referred to. Entering a new market can be of strategic importance and we find it important to be discrete.

Yes. But before you aim at C-level, it is worthwhile to wonder if you really need C-level. In big structures, it can slow you down or lead to a quick no, burning up all other opportunities in that organization. Rather than C-level, we want to link you to the decision-makers. And yes, if it is C-level you need, we’ll bring you there.

  1. We can deliver very quickly, sometimes even within 1 week. Commission fees come with legal agreements that slow us down a lot.
  2. We cut out the part of your sales funnel that goes from cold outreach all the way to meeting with decision-makers. You can calculate for yourself how much it costs you in time and money to get 10 such meetings, if you do this with your own team in a new market. If you have never tried this, you’ll be shocked. We can help you get there.
  3. But there is an even more important reason. We do not recommend anyone to outsource their entire sales activity, even if the market is new. Rather than replacing your work, we set it up for you and introduce you straight away at cruise speed. Direct client contact is important for all organizations, not only on the customer success side, but also on the sales side. You need to know what works and what does not work as value proposition and story and you also want to see first-hand reactions to pricing and all kinds of objections you might not be aware of. Especially in a new market, where you have a lot to learn! Our intention is to hand over a hot sales pipeline to your team with as many decision-maker meetings as possible and with a recommendation per client on how to close the deal. The actual closing is your responsibility, and we can train you in becoming a pro at it.

We can set up a local sales team for you, but you will manage it. If you really don’t want to do sales yourselves, then hopefully you are in a line of business where it is possible to have re-sellers or distributors and yes, we can help you find those.

If you sell to your clients deal sizes of €25k per year and up, then you’ll find us very affordable.

Yes. Given that our network counts a lot of international sales directors, we usually do find our way into most of the other European countries. Belgium and The Netherlands are our core countries. France and the Nordics are accessible, and the other European countries are a matter of reaching out to our network.

Yes, but not via this way. Just reach out and tell us what you need. We know a lot of great people in B2C and will bring you to them.

Every client has a different description for that, so you tell us what you are willing to pay for. As mentioned, we do not go as far as taking commission fees on deal-closing. But any persona and type of company that you are after, you describe to us. We will discuss together what can be done.

At the time of writing (17/09/20), we have delivered 95% of all requests. But that 5% risk is on our side. You only pay for meetings that happen. So, what can happen is that you give us a list of 10 companies to prospect and we are able to make it happen for 8 of them. We always (only in agreement with you) suggest additional companies that you didn’t know of yet, so we do get to 10, often 11 or 12 even. If we really cannot deliver, then we will just tell you. There is no point in wasting each other’s time.

From a certain angle, our team counts more than 2000 people. We are directly related to sister organization Start it @KBC that counts +900 startups and scaleups and therefore groups +1600 entrepreneurs. This community is being coached and supported by approx. 200 experienced mentors (business owners, CEOs, investors) and corporate partners. Getting a warm intro and market expertise from this network is very feasible.